Guillermo Oropez, Head Pro at West Side Tennis Club – FOREST HILLS
Monday March 20th 2023
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Guillermo with James Blake at The West Side Tennis Club

How do I stop hitting the ball so hard!

Hi Guillermo,

I feel the need to put speed on the ball too often to try to keep it in the court.  As a result many of my shots go out because my margin of error is compromised.

Can you help……..


Opening the Face of the Racquet!

Hi Guillermo,

I have a problem.  I tend to close the face of my racquet without realizing it.  As a result sometimes my shots dont keep a good margin of error over the net.

Do you think I should change my grip or is there something else I can try to help me open the face.

Thanks for any help…….Caroline

This is Dining at The West Side Tennis Club
Both our outdoor terrace and indoor dining room are graced by the majestic view of our last-of-its-kind stadium which stands just 200 yards from your table. Add to that the elegance of the grass court play in front of you, a spectacular sunset, a few friends, a glass of fine wine or champagne, and a crackling fireplace and it’s easy to overlook the fine international lunches, dinners, BBQ’s and Buffets that we enjoy here at The West Side Tennis Club.

Volleys at the Net.


See your strokes and your true form on
Video Tape / DVD.
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1 hour videotaped lesson and 1/2 hour
comprehensive playback and analysis.
Taped copy of lesson.
Call to make appointment with Guillermo at
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Corporate Memberships

Corporate Membership at West Side

The corporate membership allows for four people from the company to use all of the facilities of the club at any time, all year round.

The cost of corporate membership is $10,000 – Indoor and Platform fees apply.

Team competition within your company.

A program to bring your company together in a social environment.